Thursday, 16 June 2016

Single Number Calling with Unified Communication

With the installed base of mobile phones exceeding that of Laptops and PC’s, workers have become increasingly mobile.  Close to 80% of workers operate remotely at least some of the time.  This has only increased with a surge in BYOD adoption in large, medium and small enterprises.  And hence, they operate in two parallel worlds – the fixed communication and application world of the office and the mobile world on their smart phones.

According to recent studies, a large percentage of workers feel frustrated in these two parallel systems.  Office tools work in one way but mobile tools behave completely differently.  The lack of integration between the two has contributed largely to this frustration.  Hence, enterprises are unable to get optimum productivity from their remote workers.

Further, the complexity of reaching a person has increased manifold with the adoption of BYOD.  With multiple communication channels like land line phones, mobiles, video conferencing, IM, mobile messaging etc, the number of attempts made to reach a person could increase.  Further, the worker has to announce their presence and availability across all these devices.  

In an environment of disparate communication systems like land lines, video conferencing, messaging and web collaboration, simply adding mobility is not the solution!

Unified Communication can unify multiple networks, devices and applications into one easy-to-use platform that allows employees to engage in rich, meaningful and easy to establish conversations. Across virtually any communications channel, using almost any device. 
With Unified communication:

  • You will just one number to be reached at and the platform will divert the call anywhere, on any device
  • You will have the capability to move live conversations from one device to another – example, calls that you receive on your land line can be seamlessly transitioned to your mobile the moment you want to step away from your desk
  • You will be able to announce your presence and availability automatically across various means of communication
  • You will not need to check multiple apps for your messages – all your voice messages, texts or IM’s get consolidated in one location
  • Your login credentials are synchronized and automated
  • You will be able to move your contacts and directories with you on any device 
  • You will have easy access to your content no matter where you are

If your business card has as many contact details, call us now to get Single Number Calling 

But some questions remain.  Is your firm ready for UC or is it only for the large multi-location conglomerates?  Which system is right for your enterprise?  Can I use the Unified Communication platform to communicate with people not on my network?  What kind of training do you need to make effective use of the system?

Arya Telecom has decades of experience in the telecommunication space.  Experience that has helped us build deep expertise in designing, deploying and maintaining communication systems that work for organizations of various sizes and complexities.  Our range of unified Communication solutions are tailored to suit any organization – both big and small.  Call us to have a brainstorming session on your communication needs.